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Research Practices

Every area of business activity can benefit from marketing research.  Rarely, if ever, does management have all the information it desires to make clear business decisions.  To provide management support, Pioneer offers research studies in the following areas:

Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM)  

Every time your company provides a service to a customer, the customer’s satisfaction level with his/her experience becomes the basis for all future buying decisions.  That customer’s satisfaction level will directly impact future revenue from that person, and often his/her family and friends as well.  Through Pioneer’s Customer Satisfaction Measurement program, you will be able to quantitatively measure satisfaction with such areas as the quality of work, the effectiveness of your staff, the quickness of the service, and the pleasantness of the purchase, giving you the raw data that measures the life blood of your company.  By adding customized reporting, you can compare your different locations, reward your employees, and measure the impact of your training programs.  Most importantly, if you desire, you can be contacted immediately with “Red-Flag” responses that need immediate follow-up.

Most experts agree that it is preferable to use an independent organization to accurately and objectively monitor customer satisfaction.  Our staff of professional interviewers has been specially selected, trained, and evaluated for excellence in communicating with your customers, maintaining the highest levels of courtesy and accuracy, and their experience shows in the numbers.  We maintain cooperation rates of 85% or more on most of our customer satisfaction programs.

Some of the benefits of implementing our customer satisfaction programs are:

  •          Insuring customer loyalty and good will

  •          Identifying and remedying problems

  •         Improving the quality of your deliverables

  •          Increasing sales

  •          Improving employee training


Customer Service Measurement (CSM2)

The customer service inbound call center has increasingly become the main interaction point between customers and business.  It is very important that the customer has a satisfactory experience with the customer service department.  Using an outside company for measuring the satisfaction of customers using your customer service department can be most beneficial in making sure customers are handled properly.  Many people will simply not reveal to your employees what they will reveal to an independent third party. 

In Pioneer’s Customer Service Measurement Program, our interviewers will contact the customer for a short customer service evaluation several days after the call was made.   Targeted questions will identify the nature of the original call, satisfaction with the customer service representative, and whether all issues were resolved properly.

With this information, you can evaluate your representatives and modify their training. Results can be generated by location, department, and even individual representatives.  And in the event of an angry customer or unresolved issue, you can receive a “Red Flag” report so you can make a quick response to the customer.


Companies have tremendous flexibility in the way they receive study results.  We can provide the raw data for in house analysis, or we can provide you with various reporting options.  You may receive cumulative results on a regular basis, or segment the results by location or department.  We can also post the results online.  Most importantly, in the event of a “Red Flag” issue, such as a very low rating or serious complaint, we can forward a special snapshot report to all concerned parties, allowing for quick follow-up.

Pioneer offers a series of reports with differing levels of detail and analysis. These reports include top-line progress reports at key stages of the project, First-Look Analysis®, and a final report.  Our final report will include an abstract of study highlights, executive summary, key findings, computer printouts (cross tabulations), statistical analysis, appropriate graphs and tables, and a marketing implications/recommendations section. 

As an adjunct to the typical Word and PowerPoint reports, Pioneer often presents data to clients in a “dashboard” format.  A dashboard is an interactive reporting instrument in which layers of information are organized into dynamic visual displays (or dashboards) that can inspire more intuitive leaps of understanding than static graphics. Pioneer builds and maintains custom interactive dashboards for our clients. We typically use current survey data and incorporate legacy data from earlier waves of tracking studies to provide continuity of perspective. Every dashboard is custom designed to incorporate the optimal mix of information elements and/or trends to meet client needs.  Dashboards can offer:  1) drill-down capabilities (e.g., clients’ opinions by gender, age, ethnicity, service type); 2) linking more global measures of satisfaction to more tactical measures; 3) stacked/filtered analysis (e.g., attitudes by service, services desired/needed);  4) what-if/scenario analysis (change inputs to explore effects on outputs); 5) linking indexed competitive tracking measures to actual measured scale changes; and 6) comparison with the results of research conducted in previous years. 



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